SFI represents multiple income earning opportunities.

Should I focus on just one, some, or ALL?

SFI definitely does provide access to multiple earning opportunities; in order to really be successful within SFI you must master the basics ofteam-building improving-e-learningduplication, in addition to being an effective team leader. Once you feel comfortable doing both of those, then you can tread into other areas you would like to further extend your earning capabilities. If you rush into something your not capable of handling, it sadly at times can lead to overwhelming failure. I have done this at times myself with rushing into activities I wasn’t prepared to handle.

My suggestion would be to focus growing your Team, Learning the various aspects of the Affiliate Center, and being comfortable in teaching others how to go about in the interface. Duplicate your team, and teach them to do the same. Educate yourself on effective advertising, team leading, etc and practice what you learn in motivating your group. Do you have the time available to focus on just some, or All Earning opportunities within SFI, or are you only able to dedicate 20 minutes a day? When you feel comfortable enough, and confident in your ability to manage, teach, and actively recruit, you will know if and when you are ready to proceed with additional efforts.

Yes indeed! SFI primarily presents you with 6 options to earn & earn huge :

  1. Direct Commissions – Each time one of your PSA’s buy something from TripleClicks, you earn 45% of Commission Value(CV).EARN_logo_big
  2. TripleClicks Executive Pool – Having maximum Versapoints(VP’s) a month is crucial to earn big on this one. You need to be a Team Leader with multiple EA2’s to mushroom your matching VP’s.
  3. Co-Sponsor commissions – Each time one of your CSA places an order with TC, you earn 15% of CV.
  4. Bonus Tcredits – Each month you get 10 T-credits if you were an EA the previous month, 12 if you were a BTL & so on…
  5. ECA royalties – You earn 10% of CV of total earnings in a month of your referred ECA
  6. Pay-Per-Action – Be an advertiser & get new enrollers(who won’t be part of your downline). You’ll earn per new enroller(conditions apply, of course)

Now, from my personal experience, the primary source of income remains the 1st 3 options. And for that, you need to duplicate & help your own PSA’s & CSA’s duplicate. TripleClicks is our store & it’s thriving success is vital for every SFI affiliate.

Options number 1 & 3 are the easiest. Get your PSA’s & CSA’s to set up a Standing Order, encourage them to shop at TripleClicks for their day to day purchases(household items, cosmetics, electronics etc.)

For option number 2, you need to have exponential downline growth.

Option number 4 is an added bonus from SFI & Gery. Everyone likes free T-credits

Option number 5 & 6 remain the elusive options, but they could also be your best options. If you know a lot of merchants who would like to sell or advertise through SFI & TC, then you have hit the jackpot my friend.

Focus on one or all : That’s your prerogative. If you are happy with what you are earning through steps 1 to 4 and are not running your SFI business full time, then it’s fine. But if you do want to leave any territory uncharted when it comes to potential income, give your best shot

each option. You will end up a winner.to each option. You will end up a winner.



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