I used to live here.

Hi and welcome to my about page here I will try to explain myself.


This here is Castletown an unassuming place small and quaint. I   learned allot here this is where I grew up. I made some life long friends here lost some through unfortunate incidents. It’s a place that is still close to me although I dont live there now . But I guess that some what natural as we cant help but appreciate where we came from.

  Now I live here.

This here is Carraickmacross an amazing place.carrickmacross.jpg I am here nearly four years now and it always surprises me. I have met a lot of good and honest people here.I also continue to make good friends an acquaintances.

Ever since I moved my circumstances have improved steadily over the past few years.

Hi my name is Daithi thats irish for David and as you know I live in Carraickmacross which is in Ireland County Monaghan. In the past I used to work in construction which I loved very much, but with the downturn in the economy resulted in me becoming unemployed. Although this was unfortunate I took this as an opportunity to reinvent myself.

I became unemployed because I had limited paperwork to go with my unique skills sets. So over the last few years I have taken on the philosophy of continuous improvement.

I am currently a mature student in Dublin Business School. The picture below will help illustrate this more. Dublin Business school since 2010 I have embarked on a journey to re-educate myself and become more relevant to the current marketplace. Now I am near the completion of this journey I have to plan my next journey.

Brand has fascinated me I want to use this site to learn all there is to know about branding.

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