Why Brands Should Use Social Media

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Social media branding

We are all aware of social media in fact I would at this stage say that we can take it for granted like water or air. But I for one am aware of how little I know in terms of  how to effectively use it for my business. I will there for over the next month or so educate myself on what I need to know and I will then spread my new-found knowledge through this page.

What Is Social Media? Find out exactly what is social media…video by Black Box Social Media

First in order to find out how to harness the power of social media we must first stand back clarify to ourselves what it is and where it is takeing us. The video below will show us that.

The Social Media Revolution 2014 by Buzzz Social MediaUnited Kingdom

The video below will show the significance of social media through the display of statistics and facts.

22 Brilliant Social Media Marketing Tips.

This by no means is all we need to know but for now its a start.