Why Brands Should Use Social Media

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I am a team leader within the SFI Affiliate program. There for it is my responsibility to to develop and build a strong team. To achieve this I will attempt to deliver research and catalogue high quality content and training my team.

I am going to reissue one of my most recent team posts as it may explain the purpose of this site more clearly. Sometimes it is great to take a step back to see where we are going and how are we getting there.

I am really excited about the upcoming month I consider that this month is the one that will launch all of our respective businesses into success territory or will definitely send us in that direction. The fruits of your labour will come to all of us I know it will.



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Social Media
Social Media Attention: need more leads and sales? Discover how to harness the power of high traffic social media sites to attract a crowd of loyal followers…This guide will show you how to attract more followers so you can generate a ton of traffic to your sites. Social media is an established realm and has attracted millions of individuals because it is rich – there is a wealth of information within the Internet and with social media, it has been transformed anew. The information that comes with it is easy to use, free to use and can be manipulated into however an individual wants to use it. That is why there is no single concept as to why or how social media became powerful. In reality, there are different reasons that catapulted the appreciation and utilization of social media in the society today.


The top reasons why social media is so powerful:

1. Availability2. Variety3. Presence

4. Relationships

5. Conversations

6. It’s free.

The concept of social media is basic, it simply converted daily interactions into virtual reality. It utilizes an intangible platform into something that can actually launch something. Sounds unrealistic, right?

Simply said, it is not very complicated, it is available and it is what is current. Social media is a world of its own, it has redefined the meaning of interaction and reality.

But the big question is…

“How Do You Use Social Media To Attract More Business?”

I’ve written a special guide on why you need to utilize social media in your marketing, which sites you should join and how to attract a ton of followers.