I take leadership seriously

I am a team leader within the SFI Affiliate program. There for it is my responsibility to develop and build a strong team. To achieve this I will attempt to deliver research and catalogue high quality content and training for my team.

I am going to reissue one of my most recent team posts as it may explain the purpose of this site more clearly. Sometimes it is great to take a step back to see where we are going and how are we getting there.

I am really excited about the upcoming month I consider that this month is the one that will launch all of our respective businesses into success territory or will definitely send us in that direction. The fruits of your labour will come to all of us I know it will.

While putting together this page I pondered what would be appropriate to complete it. Well considering this page starts with the titleI take leadership seriously” I felt it appropriate to continue with this theme. I searched the web looking for a video or article that described leadership clearly, what it is and why its important. Unfortunately I could not find anything that I considered to have a clear description of leadership. So I decided to compile a collection of videos that have helped me along the way over the past few years. For me the titles of these videos describe some of what I consider to be the most important attributes of a leader.

VISION by Mateusz M

All leaders need “vision”without “vision” it is very difficult for anyone of us to progressively move forward. For me about four years ago while in the middle of the recession, which hit me and my family really hard. I decided to improve my circumstances by educating myself this was my “vision”. I am near the end of this journey now and I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. So take it from me create that vision for yourself make it big something that you really want. Then go pursue it and don’t quit till you get it. Oh and by the way this video below really helped me out at times enjoy.

You against yourself

This video emphases courage & faith in yourself” which are essential elements of successful leadership.  Maintaining courage & faith in yourself” when there is absolutely no sign of success from your hard work takes enormous courage & faith in yourself” . I have experienced this working around the clock on continuous days with no guarantee of success. But in my experience this hard work eventually starts to produce results. You just got to keep faith in all that you do, keep improving your skills either personal or professional, and you will receive whatever it is that you want. Enjoy the clip.


We are all vulnerable in thinking that we can’t make it, we convince ourselves we have limitations. We make ourselves believe that we can’t be as good or as successful as others. But Leaders encourage themselves and others that they are “limitless”. No matter what it takes you got to feel “limitless” once you put in sufficient effort you will make it.

The speaker in this video is Eric Thomas who is an amazing speaker and leader of ordenary men and women. He talks from the heart he has been an inspiration to me over the past few years and continues even today to stir my emotions Enjoy!!!.

The world is yours go take it.


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