The purpose of this page is to give a quick overview of what branding is why its important and how it is evolving.

History of Branding by RUTGERSmedia

I will be honest with you here the reason I picked this video is it gives a brief description of branding. Oh and also I loved the theme tune its sounds tacky but it will definitely  put a smile on your face.

What is Branding? by NorwichBSchool

Now for something more professional looking. This is a very well put together video. It catalogues all of the strong and powerful brands created over time and shows how effective branding can be to a company or business enjoy.

Creating a loved brand by telling a story by 

One aspesct of branding is design so this is a video of a conversation with one of the best designers in the world. Stanley Hainsworth he may have the most insane hair stile in the world but he has been creative director at Nike, Lego, and Starbucks. So I think we could all learn something here.


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